Gantries And System Solutions

HepcoMotion’s in house design team is experienced in providing designers with complete linear motion solutions. If you require a gantry system, XYZ system or X Y System, Hepco has the solution for you.

System Solution FAQs

What are XY and XYZ gantries?

XY and XYZ gantries are motion-centric systems designed for multi-axis operation; XY provides 2 directional movement, while XYZ is a 3-axis solution.

How does a gantry system compare to a robot?

A robot can offer up to 7-axis of movement, but has limits on its reach, while a gantry system has a longer reach and is generally a lower cost solution.

What to consider when choosing a gantry system?

Factors such as the environment, load and speed need to be considered when choosing a gantry system. Consideration also needs to be given to factors such as access (overhead gantries are more straightforward to access than robots).

Why Choose Hepco?

Our V based technology reduces downtime, increases system life and reduces total cost of ownership.

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