Aerospace Wheel Assembly Application

The Application

Applications for linear and rotary products in the aerospace industry are often confined to tooling or positional fixtures, however the industry is embracing more automation as plane builders seek to fulfil increased production demands.

These processes often involve the assembly of heavy parts where health and safety requirements necessitate a reassessment of past methods.

This application is the assembly of tyres onto wheel rims where two Z axes are involved on a single X axis. One Z-axis supports the tyre and positions it over the rim whilst the other accurately tightens the fixing nuts to the required torque.

Product Solution

Hepco’s HDS2 gantry systems offer the user a reliable low maintenance XZ or XYZ solution with beams available in various sizes to suit the load and rigidity requirements. As the V guides supplied are fitted directly to the beams, and the integral racks are cut into the guides, the whole assembly reduces the time taken to build the system on site.

Common carriages for both X and Z axes simplifies the motor mounting arrangement and also allows access for maintenance.

The use of high strength aluminium beams for gantry axes is proving popular for many gantry builders as they seek alternatives to machined steel structures. V guide technology is an added bonus as the maintenance periods are a fraction of traditional re circulating guide systems often used in this type of application.

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