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Reliable and versatile, HepcoMotion offers a wide range of linear motion systems and automation components to meet practically any requirement, including linear bearings, linear guides and rails, ball screw assemblies, and drawer slides. Available in a range of sizes and materials, including stainless steel, HepcoMotion has an experienced technical team to specify the right product for each application.

Linear Guide FAQs

What are linear guides used for?

Linear guides (comprising of a carriage plate and guide rail) are the mechanical elements that provide movement within a system in a linear direction. Linear guides are used to support loads during movement and are typically used in automation processes to guide and transfer a component around a system between processes.

How do I choose a linear guide?

In this video our experts discuss what you should consider when choosing the right linear guide for your application (including factors such as speed, load and environment).

What is a linear guide?

A linear guide is a system that helps with the movement and supporting of a load in a linear direction, either vertically or horizontally.  There are several types of linear guides including V guides, ball rails, ball bushings, telescopic slide and plain bushings.

What is preload in linear guides?

Preload is the amount of clearance between the moving element and the guide. A high preload reduces the clearance between the guide and carriage, which makes the system more rigid and reduces deflection. A low preload has the lowest amount of contact, thereby there is less friction and less accuracy.

What is the best lubrication for linear guides?

There are many different types of lubrication; choosing the right one will depend on the application.

For example, the application may require a dry lubrication, a special food grade lubrication or a vacuum lubrication for example.

Why Choose Hepco?

Our V based technology reduces downtime, increases system life and reduces total cost of ownership.

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