Forster’s Packaging Machines

Leslie Forster, grandfather of HepcoMotion’s current Chairman Giles Forster, invented the Forster's Packaging Machine; the first machine featuring V guide technology. It was developed in response to a growing demand for machines that could cope with the resulting sugar debris from packaging cakes.

Forster Machine Company

The Beginning of Hepco

Following on from the success of his father Leslie Forster, HepcoMotion is launched as a new company under the direction of Chairman, Gervase Forster to manufacture and sell the innovative V guide technology systems. The company continues to design and manufacture packaging and special purpose machinery at its London factory.

Gervase Forster 1969

Hepco Slide Systems Ltd

The company continues to grow and becomes Hepco Slide Systems Ltd focussing on the innovative V guide bearing.

Hepco Slide Systems

Launch: Heavy Duty and Stainless Steel V Guides

HepcoMotion launches heavy duty and stainless steel linear guides to meet the needs of customers looking for a solution for heavy applications.

SL2 Launch Old Catalogue


Continuing to grow, HepcoMotion starts exporting products overseas to meet customer demand in Europe. This growth and expansion has continued over the years; today, a network of sales offices and highly trained, approved distributors cover most of the world.

HepcoMotion - History

Anglo – American Partnership

HepcoMotion partners with American linear motion company Bishop Wisecarver Corporation to further expand its product ranges to customers in America.

HepcoMotion - History

HepcoMotion expands into Europe

Following continued growth, HepcoMotion opens its first sales office in Netherlands to meet the needs of customers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Today, HepcoMotion has 7 sales offices across the globe (in Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, Korea, China and the UK).

HepcoMotion - History

Launch: Precision Ring and Tracks

Continuing to meet the growing needs of customers, HepcoMotion launches the Precision Ring and Tracks range providing versatile solutions for a wide array of rotary system applications.

PRT Launch

HepcoMotion Office in France

As export sales continue to increase, HepcoMotion opens a dedicated sales office in France.

HepcoMotion - History

Braintree Precision Components

HepcoMotion launches its own bearing company, Braintree Precision Components in Essex. Braintree Precision Components produces all of HepcoMotion’s V groove bearings, ensuring that HepcoMotion’s customers receive the highest quality bearings with minimal lead time.

HepcoMotion - History

Relocation to Tiverton

Following continued growth, HepcoMotion moves to larger premises in Tiverton, Devon in order to expand its manufacturing facilities. HepcoMotion currently employs approximately 200 people at its headquarters in Tiverton, including its well-renowned R&D team.

Tiverton Relocation

HepcoMotion Office in Germany

Going from strength to strength, HepcoMotion opens its third European sales office in Germany.

HepcoMotion - History

Launch: Actuators

Expanding its product portfolio once again, HepcoMotion launches its first actuator. Over the years, this range has expanded with an extensive offering now available including ball screw, pneumatic, electric and belt driven actuators.

Powerslide Launch

HepcoMotion Office in Spain

Exports continue to grow; in response HepcoMotion opens a sales office in Spain to better meet the needs of the growing number of Spanish customers.

HepcoMotion - History

Launch: HepcoMotion DTS

HepcoMotion launches the innovative Driven Track System - a reliable, ready-to-install, belt driven transport and positioning system, designed to save customers valuable design and assembly time.

DTS Launch

HepcoMotion Expands into Korea

With well-established sales offices in Europe, HepcoMotion expands globally and opens a dedicated sales office in Korea to supply products to the Asian market.

Korea Expansion


HepcoMotion introduces the innovative 1-Trak system, a bespoke track system that can be manufactured to almost any conceivable 2D shape, catering for challenging space requirements.

1-Trak Launch

Giles Forster Becomes Chairman

Giles Forster becomes the 3rd generation of the Forster family to chair the Hepco Group of companies. After nearly 45 years at the helm, Gervase Forster is promoted to President.

Giles and Gervase


Satisfying a broader range of customer requirements, HepcoMotion launches HepcoAutomation, an automation company providing advanced automation solutions from complete turnkey systems to specialised tooling.

HepcoAutomation Launch

HepcoMotion China

With continued growth in China, HepcoMotion opens a dedicated sales office in China, taking the total number of sales offices globally to 7.

HepcoMotion - History

Beckhoff Partnership

HepcoMotion partners with Beckhoff to launch GFX; the high end mechanical guidance system for the Beckhoff XTS drive system. GFX/XTS has quickly been adopted as the system of choice for higher duty XTS applications where motion profile and long term durability requirements are particularly demanding.

Beckhoff Partnership

HepcoMotion Europe

Responding to the changing needs in Europe and in order to meet the demands for faster delivery, ‘HepcoMotion Europe’ is opened in the Netherlands to manage all EU orders and to co-ordinate with all European sales office.

HepcoMotion - History

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