HepcoMotion’s V Guide Technology

Reliability and performance, reducing the total cost of ownership

Hepco Motion - V Guide Technology

HepcoMotion’s V guide technology derives its name from the V shape design of its slides and bearings. It encompasses the various mechanical features that characterise HepcoMotion’s products, including self cleaning action, low maintenance, high speeds, long system life, and compliance.

Key Features

Self Cleaning Action

The difference in diameter between the inner and outer of the V profile in the bearing results in a peripheral speed that increases towards the outer edge of the V. The effect of this speed differential pushes dirt to the outside edge of the bearing, effectively wiping the flanks of the V clean as the bearing passes over the slide, making it an ideal solution for even the harshest environments.

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No Catastrophic Failure

Unlike recirculating ball guides, the internal balls are fully captivated between the inner and outer race and do not directly contact the running surface of the rail.

At the end of life the bearing will present a warning in the form of movement and noise, however it will continue to run without a sudden and catastrophic breakdown.

High Maximum Speed Up To 10m/s

The ball pathway of a V bearing is completely circular, providing uniform acceleration and therefore consistent radial force, allowing for far greater speeds when compared against the irregular ball path of recirculating bearing systems.

A further benefit of V guide systems is that they are significantly quieter than ball guides when operating at high speeds.

Long System Life

V guide technology guarantees a long system life for bearings as they can easily be readjusted when a small amount of wear occurs, allowing the system to carry on running. Conversely, with a ball rail system, both the block and rail should be replaced even if the rail shows no sign of wear.

Individual V bearing components may be changed several times over the total system life, reducing the total cost of ownership.

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Low Maintenance

Low friction, self-cleaning and adjustable eccentric bearings keep maintenance to a minimum. Lubrication devices provide simple and hassle-free operation with long lubrication intervals. Bleed lubrication options offer complete maintenance-free fit and forget solutions.

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V guide technology makes it easy for HepcoMotion’s systems to be mounted on minimally prepared surfaces, saving both time and money on installation. Compliant options are available accepting inconsistencies up to 2.5mm when using flat track and rollers. Twin bearings and floating bearings are also available.

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Engineering Technology At Its Best

Hepco Motion - V Guide Technology / Technical Support

Technical Support

Hepco’s team of field-based technical sales engineers and dedicated internal team of application engineers can provide accurate load life calculations and the technical support that you need.

Hepco Motion - V Guide Technology / High Quality Materials

Use Of High Quality Materials

We use the highest quality raw materials to ensure that our finished products sustain the demanding needs and expectations of our customers.

Hepco Motion - V Guide Technology / Components Or Systems, Standard Or Bespoke

Components Or Systems, Standard Or Bespoke

Products are available as assembled systems or as individual components; the choice is yours. Bespoke designs are provided by Hepco's technical team who will use their extensive experience to find a solution for you.

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