PRT2 – Precision Track Systems

A versatile precision track system for rotary and track applications, offering almost limitless track configurations.

PRT2 Curved Rail Track Conveyor System
PRT2 Curved Rail Track Conveyor System Close Up
S Bend straight
Load: 10kN and more
Speeds: 5m/s and faster
Low maintenance
Unlimited lengths
Long system life
Works in dirty environments
Quiet and smooth running
Self-aligning system

A versatile precision track system for rotary and track applications, offering almost limitless track configurations.

Perfect for modern production processes – PRT2 precision track systems are the ideal basis for optimised, reliable and cost-effective production lines, routing work around closed route cells, and closely controlling the path of components throughout the entire process.

Cost-saving – Complex production routing and disconnected processes can be eliminated and contained within one single continuous loop.

Space saving – With a flexible design, it is possible to position workstations and robots inside or outside the track system, using the available space to its optimum and minimising the machine footprint.

Maximum design freedom – Many sizes and layouts of track system are possible, including oval, square, rectangular, S bend, U shape, J shape, and many other shape configurations as required.

Versatile – PRT2 can be paired with a belt, chain, or custom rack and pinion drives and can accommodate virtually any shape of travel.  Perfect for conveyor-type systems.

Features V guide technology – The specific V geometry of the bearing and slide, makes this a low maintenance, long life and hard-wearing system that works well in any environment.



  • Can be used in any orientation: horizontal, vertical or on its side.
  • 90° and 180° segments are available from stock for quick delivery
  • A wide range of standard sizes and options are available
  • Eccentric bearings provide zero play and definable preload
  • Available in stainless steel as standard
  • Drive components are available
  • Bearings are lubricated for life internally and are available with metal shields for low friction running or with nitrile seals to inhibit ingress of particles

Bearing sizes and their load capacity

This diagram provides an overview of the bearing sizes available and their load capacity depending on the application type.

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