GFX Hi-Drive – Guidance System for Beckhoff XTS

Featuring all of the benefits of the standard GFX guidance for Beckhoff XTS, GFX Hi-Drive provides a greater drive force, accomodating higher loads.

Load: up to 50N (up to 500N with Hi-Drive+)
Speeds: up to 4m/s
Low maintenance
Unlimited lengths
Long system life
Works in dirty environments
Quiet and smooth running

Featuring all of the benefits of the standard GFX guidance for Beckhoff XTS, GFX Hi-Drive provides a greater drive force, accommodating higher loads.

The solution for heavier payloads – Offering the same accuracy and repeatability as the standard GFX/XTS system, Hi-Drive uses a larger mover accommodating payloads up to 20kg per mover.

Increased driving force – Hi-Drive movers incorporate a 7 & 10 pole magnet array, enabling the XTS to generate greater drive forces or the same drive forces with reduced heat generation in the motor modules.

Long system life – The larger Hi-Drive bearings allow for higher payloads without compromising the overall life of the system.

HepcoMotion and Beckhoff – HepcoMotion works in partnership with Beckhoff to create the GFX system, a high-end track system that provides the support and rigidity required for precise XTS applications.

Flexible – The Beckhoff XTS Transport System uses linear motor technology to independently drive movers around a track. This allows work processes of different duration to be combined, on the fly product changes, and the addition or removal of workstations as needed.

Precise and reliable – GFX provides the transport path and mechanically guides the movers along the motor modules at the defined speed, with great precision, ensuring accurate alignment and resistance to deflection.

Low maintenance – Thanks to HepcoMotion’s V guide technology, the system requires very little maintenance to achieve consistently high performance.

Long system life – GFX is designed to accommodate complex, high-speed motion profiles requiring extended duty cycles.


  • GFX can be supplied fully assembled, with Beckhoff motor modules, mover magnets and mover encoder flags, partially assembled, or as a kit of components
  • Hi-Drive uses standard GFX track, baseplate and motor mounting components
  • Simplified lubrication system enables use in high duty cycle production environments, food compatible lubricants can be used
  • The system offers a superior positional accuracy of +/- 0.02mm even at high speed
  • The number and spacing of the movers is flexible
  • To maximise system life, GFX includes integrated bleed lubrication

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