Pick and Place Application for LCD Panels

This major Korean machine builder in the electronics industry required a highly reliable belt driven unit to perform a pick and place operation moving LCD panels into position for laser marking.

The duty cycle involved a combination of short and long strokes up to 2.5 metres with a weight of 50kg moving at up to 1.5m/s. With a need to run 24/7 only a rugged low maintenance, accurate solution would suffice. Minimising unit deflection was an important requirement if the placement accuracy was to be achieved and also to ensure the expensive panel was not damaged when positioned.


An HDLS belt driven unit was supplied with fitted carriages carrying the air operated pick and place fixture. The system runs on precision ground slides to ensure the required accuracy. For long life and to keep the carriage inertia to a minimum 64 mm diameter V bearings were selected as the best choice to provide a long life without unnecessarily adding to the carriage weight. The high rigidity of the HDLS beam enabled the unit to be supported only at the ends over a span of 3m. For maximum moment load capacity the wide version option was chosen.

Scope of supply

HDLS-W 64 P1 L3020 B75 BURS


HDLS Heavy Duty Linear Actuator

The HDLS system on its own provides exceptional rigidity over the 3m span without the need to fit a separate support structure. The option of a wide version enables the best use of the bearing load capacity by separating the V slides to minimise the moment load effect. A steel reinforced 75mm wide belt ensures the high duty cycle could be achieved without the possibility of belt stretch which would affect the positional accuracy.

The V bearings used in the moving carriage require only a small amount of lubricant to be effective. Supplied through low maintenance cap wipers makes this solution ideal for working in clean environments without the fear of the panels becoming contaminated.

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