Tata Steel sliding ladder application

HepcoMotion - Tata Steel sliding ladder application
HepcoMotion - Tata Steel sliding ladder application
HepcoMotion - Tata Steel sliding ladder application

Health and Safety is a prime concern for many companies, particularly with the tightened regulations in recent years. Tata Steel had an existing storage shelf unit where the existing use of a step ladder had been deemed unsafe.

Given that the shelf unit was 12 metres long, the customer needed an attached sliding ladder system to give full access to the whole shelf unit. With the movement being manual they required a low friction solution that was also tolerant to the dusty, dirty conditions associated with the steel industry.

HepcoMotion - Tata Steel sliding ladder application


Most linear systems struggle in dirty and dusty conditions and premature failure is a reality, particularly with recirculating ball technology. Additionally a 12 metre run can prove challenging for systems that require lubrication. The customer used a 12 metre long GV3 size 25 slide system mounted to the shelf unit. The slide was supplied as a matched and butted set fitted with 2 carriages to connect to a hinged bracket at the top of the ladder unit. Each carriage was fitted with cap seal lubrication devices. Additionally 1 carriage was fitted with the manual locking brake option to secure the ladder in position when in use. Castor wheels were fitted to the base of the ladder.

HepcoMotion - Tata Steel sliding ladder application

Scope of Supply

– GV3 assembled unit with brake

– 1 x AU2525L135CS + BK2525

– 1 x AU2525L135CS + NS2525P2L11050

– Butted set comprising of 1 x 3860mm, 1 x 2780mm and 1 x 3410mm


HepcoMotion’s GV3 system proved to be the ideal solution, particularly with its high tolerance to harsh conditions. With the bearings fitted with cap seal devices, enough lubrication is provided for 1000Km of linear travel. The added benefit of a low friction coefficient of 0.03 ensures that operators can easily move the ladder with the minimum of effort. Hepco’s unique spacer slide profile provides a straightforward method for mounting directly onto the box section construction of the shelf unit.

“The Hepco Slides offered a simple, safe and maintenance free solution to our problem of accessing the higher levels of the storage facility, over quite a great length.”

Luke HubbardDesigner at Tata Steel

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