Cutting Aluminium Profile

Producing high quantities of aluminium profile cut to length requires an automated stop that would need to be accurately positioned at speed in order to ensure conformity of profile length.

In this application this French machine builder needed to control the profile lengths to within an accuracy of +/- 0.2mm on lengths up to 3m. With a rapid throughput required and a variety of stop positions to be achieved for each cut, a belt driven system capable of speeds up to 2.5m/s was required along with the ability to support the overhanging stop.


A single SBD belt driven unit size 30-100 with a stroke in excess of 3m with the stop arm located off the moving carriage.

In order to adequately support the arm and ensure it remained rigid the carriage was fitted with two size 30 re-circulating profile rail blocks.

SBD Belt Driven Linear Actuator

Scope of Supply

1 x SBD30-100 L3450RS B2 plus motor fixing kit for customers servo motor.


The inherent strength of the 30-100 beam meant that support was only required in two places over the 3450mm length. The use of profile rails as the guidance system was preferable in order to ensure a high level of rigidity for the stop.

On going lubrication for the profile rails can be easily effected through lubrication ports located at one end of the beam.

The SBD having a stainless steel sealing band meant operation with aluminium particles present would not cause a running problem.

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