Box Transfer Application

The Application

Moving boxes packed with products can be a demanding requirement especially if the size and weight makes the process difficult to control with conventional conveying systems.

In such applications boxes may need to be indexed to a position, accurately spaced apart, for a follow up process such as sealing or labelling. Correct timing of the box indexing will be vital in ensuring the process runs smoothly whilst maintaining correct box orientation.

Product Solution

Because of the size of the boxes and the importance of position, two DTS track systems are assembled in parallel with carriages linked by a common plate, and arms that locate on the boxes.

In order to ensure that the two track systems can operate in parallel, one side of each carriage can be fitted with floating bearings that will take up any machine inaccuracies and cater for axial temperature expansion. The use of floating bearings not only compensates for lack of parallelism between the two tracks, it also ensures that no unnecessary preloading occurs, allowing the system to be run at high speeds with consistent running friction for a long and trouble free life.

In this solution carriages are belt driven on both sides with a strong linkage between the carriage and belt, the pulley arrangement incorporates both drive and idler pulleys, standard parts that can be taken from HepcoMotion’s DTS range. This solution will provide excellent long-term performance with minimal maintenance with the option of an automated lubrication system if needed.


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