Hepco Linear Motion System in Small Apartments


It’s a common problem – how do you maximise the functionality of the restricted space in an already small apartment. PKMN Architectures, based in Madrid came up with a unique solution by sliding the walls using moveable library style shelving units to open up space when it is needed.

Supported on casters and guided at the top by the GV3 linear rails the wooden storage blocks that make up the shelving can be moved along one side of the apartment. The three partitions are separated or grouped as required to serve a variety of functions.

Given the size of the partitions and the need to position the guidance systems some distance apart, GV3 needs to provide both guidance and sufficient compliance in order to achieve low friction motion. All the blocks have to be moved simply by hand, if too much force was needed then the key selling point, being able to be moved by human force, would be lost.


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