Hepco 1 Trak Tool Changer Application

Hepco 1 Trak Tool Changer Application

When Walter Maschinenbau wanted to develop a new CNC controlled Helitronic tool grinder they needed a product that could link 12 or 24 x 254mm diameter grinding discs and traverse them around a circuit without them clashing.

In principle this did not sound too demanding until the space available to fit the tool changer into was revealed. The joint cooperation between HepcoMotion design team and Walter development engineers produced a unique solution to a challenging problem.

The 1-Trak system provides a smooth, quiet robust solution that, following rigorous testing, has proved to be highly reliable. The ease of installation coupled with the ability to achieve the positional accuracy in such a confined space has opened up opportunities for similar solutions on a smaller or larger scale.

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