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Printing machines have a number of motion requirements mostly working at high speed  and subject to demanding repetitive movements. Designers choosing linear systems need to know that their choice can demonstrate durability and an ability to work with minimal maintenance.

In addition, some of the motions can be short stroke making Hepco V guide systems particularly suitable as they can work with only very small amounts of lubricant between the V slide and bearing. The wiping action of the V bearing along the slide provides a low friction, surprisingly rigid, solution able to deliver accurate movement with a longevity other solutions will find difficult to match. Hepco’s range of PRT2 rings, also extensively used in this challenging industry, will provide you with a complete package to cover all requirements.

Some of our relevant application examples, case studies and videos

Paper Roll Re-winder

The Application Linear systems are used extensively on printing machines but the most common motion requirement is rotary. The two mandrels fitted to the turret will need... Read more

Silk Screen Printing

Task Silk screen printing machines require a high product throughput and utmost reliability, qualities becoming increasingly difficult to achieve with this manufacturers old standard machines. Component wear leading to... Read more

Labelling of Gas Bottles

Task This manufacturer of gas bottles needed a special purpose labelling machine to identify each bottle by needle printing directly to the bottle outer shell. The key... Read more

High Speed Laser Engraving Application

Task This French manufacturer of high speed precision printing equipment was faced with a potentially difficult application to laser engrave chip cards at high speed. Given that the transport... Read more


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