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At HepcoMotion we understand that when you choose a Hepco linear solution for your machine, your reputation relies on the quality of our product.

As a proven performer in the packaging industry, many of the worlds leading machine manufacturers now use our V bearing technology as their default choice.

The Hepco V slide system was conceived to meet the challenges faced by packaging manufacturers; low maintenance, ease of installation together with solutions that can perform in any environment. Designers, safe in the knowledge that Hepco linear systems do not fail catastrophically, are constantly finding new ways of adopting Hepco’s linear motion products to solve specific problems.

We our proud to bPPMA Logoe an Associate Member of the PPMA. The PPMA is the UK’s trade association for suppliers of processing and packaging machinery to the UK market and represents over 400 member and associate companies.

Some of our relevant application examples, case studies and videos

Flexible Packaging Machinery

Task Colin Mear Engineering is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to the packaging industry. Amongst their most recent projects, a solution was required to produce a new, flexible,... Read more

Paper Roll Re-winder

The Application Linear systems are used extensively on printing machines but the most common motion requirement is rotary. The two mandrels fitted to the turret will need... Read more

Food or Packaging Sorting

The Application Pusher mechanisms on divert lines in the food industry are often required to work 24/7 in order to meet demand; users are looking for low... Read more

Bottle Indexing

The Application PRT2 rings are used extensively to produce turntable movements for indexing parts for assembly or, in the case of this application, to fit caps to... Read more

Box Transfer Application

The Application Moving boxes packed with products can be a demanding requirement especially if the size and weight makes the process difficult to control with conventional conveying... Read more

Silk Screen Printing

Task Silk screen printing machines require a high product throughput and utmost reliability, qualities becoming increasingly difficult to achieve with this manufacturers old standard machines. Component wear leading to... Read more

Labelling of Gas Bottles

Task This manufacturer of gas bottles needed a special purpose labelling machine to identify each bottle by needle printing directly to the bottle outer shell. The key... Read more


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