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Linear applications are found in many areas of the medical industry from diagnostic scanning equipment to machines for the production of sutures. In assembly applications cleanliness is vital; Hepco’s linear slides can endure high duty cycles without lubrication.

Scanning applications require low friction, smooth motion and above all high levels of accuracy. Hepco’s V based linear motion systems and linear actuators are tailor made for such challenging requirements. Many of the worlds leading medical equipment manufacturers have adopted Hepco solutions in a multitude of environments.

Some of our relevant application examples, case studies and videos

Medical Sample Testing

The Application Medical sample testing machines are available in many designs from complete automated laboratories to medium volume XYZ equipment and small desktop systems. The common requirement... Read more

Medical Scanner

The Application Piezo electric shockwave technology has become a central element in the management of gall and pancreatic stones, as well as other orthopaedic conditions allowing patients... Read more

Cosmetics Filling Application

Task This Spanish producer of cosmetics was facing a life problem with an existing wheel based system that uses shaft fitted into aluminium rails. After 3000km, travel... Read more


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