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Food Industry applications can be particularly demanding on linear motion components. The need to wash down machines together with high production rates is a combination only the toughest systems can survive.

Specifying components that provide a long service life and a high level of corrosive resistance is a challenge. Hepco’s linear rail and guide systems meet careful material selection, innovative product design, together with high quality machining processes.

V guide linear motion systems perform particularly well in food industry machinery, the low maintenance durable qualities are certain to keep your running costs down.

Some of our relevant application examples, case studies and videos

Food or Packaging Sorting

The Application Pusher mechanisms on divert lines in the food industry are often required to work 24/7 in order to meet demand; users are looking for low... Read more

Box Transfer Application

The Application Moving boxes packed with products can be a demanding requirement especially if the size and weight makes the process difficult to control with conventional conveying... Read more

Food Industry Cleaning Application

Task This customer was using an existing system of shaft and ball bushings that were failing due to the hostile conditions present from cleaning trays for bread, using an abrasive compound... Read more

Steam Cleaning of Conveyors

Task Cleaning conveyors used in the food industry can be a time consuming task, so automating the process would be seen as a major innovation for users.... Read more


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