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Hepco V based linear rail systems have been a popular choice in the Film and Television industries for many years, specifically in the production of special effects. The need to move cameras into position or move models on a screen set in various directions requires ultimate smoothness and, above all, quietness.

The low friction characteristics of Hepco V groove bearings coupled with the ability for the system to be configured in a variety of ways provides designers with many solutions. Moving through curves, straight lines, straight lines and curves together or with 1-Trak, the possibility to track any conceivable 2 dimensional shape. Next time you see a film and wonder how they produced that effect there is a high chance that Hepco V based linear motion systems were involved.

Some of our relevant application examples, case studies and videos

BBC Tardis Screen Application

Task Being involved in prestigious film projects is something HepcoMotion is getting used to as designers seek out simple motion solutions to potentially difficult film situations. However,... Read more


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