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Design Engineers in the Automotive Industry demand products that are low maintenance, reliable, and will stand up to 24/7 working without failing.

The conditions can be hostile, especially in the field of component manufacture such as brake pad production where dust ingresses the linear system.

The range of V based linear motion systems available from Hepco have load capacities from a few kg to many tonnes and are all tried and tested under such demanding conditions.

Whether you require an XZ gantry system to handle gearboxes or a manual fixture to assemble car doors, the maintenance manual for the guidance systems will not need to be referred to many times.

SMMT LogoWe our proud to a Member of the SMMT. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders  exists to support and promote the interests of the UK automotive industry at home and abroad.

Some of our relevant application examples, case studies and videos

Robot Transfer System

Task The Gear Robot System (GRS) developed and patented by Lucas Robotics France is a revolutionary solution to ensure robots are always in the right place at... Read more

Aircraft Wing Assembly

The Application The use of robots in the aerospace industry for high volume repetitive tasks has been gathering pace in recent years as the installed costs reduce. ... Read more

Aerospace Wheel Assembly Application

The Application Applications for linear and rotary products in the aerospace industry are often confined to tooling or positional fixtures, however the industry is embracing more automation... Read more

Automotive Robot Track System

The Application Applications where robots are required to operate around cars are very common in the automotive industry, and they often involve some form of process such... Read more

Assembly of Automotive Temperature Sensors

Task Positioning  28  individual  fixtures  for  the  assembly of  automotive  temperature  sensors  requires  a  consistent  level  of precision if rejects are to be avoided. Traditional conveyor type... Read more

Dirty Environment X Z Gantry System

Task This large manufacturer of insulation products had the unenviable task of positioning mould tools from a 50m long conveyor into various filling stations under extremely hostile... Read more

Automotive Component Assembly

Task Manual assembly processes can often involve supplying operators with fixtures holding sub assemblies that need components to be mounted. In this application an automotive component supplier needed... Read more

GV3 Harsh Environment

Task Production lines producing brake pads are particularly damaging to linear guidance systems as the amount of dust in the atmosphere forms an aggressive film over all... Read more

Driverless Tractor Application

Task AutoFarm, a division of Novariant, Inc. located in Fremont, California, was developing a new precision GPS implement steering system powered by an electro-mechanical drive. They needed... Read more


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