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Machine Automation is the largest sector where V based linear components are used extensively.

Complete production lines performing multi assembly tasks to single special purpose machines, our products have been developed to provide designers with a multitude of solutions.

Solutions include a wide range of V bearing products, belt and ball screw actuator systems, gantry systems together with complete machine frames. Our systems division can provide motors and controllers together with the mechanical elements assembled ready to use.

Some of our relevant application examples, case studies and videos

Pallet Making Dirty Application

Task This customer has a machine that is used to make pallets. They have previously used a competitors product but due to the dirty harsh environment there... Read more

PCB Pick and Place Application

The Application The trend to produce PCB’s with higher hole densities has put additional accuracy demands on machine manufacturers; a typical 500mm x 600mm board can have... Read more

Medical Sample Testing

The Application Medical sample testing machines are available in many designs from complete automated laboratories to medium volume XYZ equipment and small desktop systems. The common requirement... Read more

CNC Tool Changer System

The Application Conventional tool changer designs using a chain drive with guidance rollers running on angled steel sections have been a standard solution for many years. Designers... Read more

Aircraft Wing Assembly

The Application The use of robots in the aerospace industry for high volume repetitive tasks has been gathering pace in recent years as the installed costs reduce. ... Read more

Aerospace Wheel Assembly Application

The Application Applications for linear and rotary products in the aerospace industry are often confined to tooling or positional fixtures, however the industry is embracing more automation... Read more

Paper Roll Re-winder

The Application Linear systems are used extensively on printing machines but the most common motion requirement is rotary. The two mandrels fitted to the turret will need... Read more

Box Transfer Application

The Application Moving boxes packed with products can be a demanding requirement especially if the size and weight makes the process difficult to control with conventional conveying... Read more

Cutting Aluminium Profile

Task Producing high quantities of aluminium profile cut to length requires an automated stop that would need to be accurately positioned at speed in order to ensure conformity of... Read more

Granite Cutting Application

Task Cutting large marble slabs while ensuring a precision smooth cut is a difficult task on its own, without the ongoing problem of airborne grinding dust that mixes with... Read more

Silk Screen Printing

Task Silk screen printing machines require a high product throughput and utmost reliability, qualities becoming increasingly difficult to achieve with this manufacturers old standard machines. Component wear leading to... Read more

Cosmetics Filling Application

Task This Spanish producer of cosmetics was facing a life problem with an existing wheel based system that uses shaft fitted into aluminium rails. After 3000km, travel... Read more

High Speed Laser Engraving Application

Task This French manufacturer of high speed precision printing equipment was faced with a potentially difficult application to laser engrave chip cards at high speed. Given that the transport... Read more


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