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In recent years architects have discovered that fitting quality guidance systems for tasks such as moving glass panels pays dividends in the long run as opposed to using traditional cheap wheel or roller systems.

This trend has been borne about by the increasing size and weight of the structures to be moved. Clients are demanding smoother systems that can be operated easily by hand or simply motorised.

Hepco’s V based linear motion products serve this market exceptionally well, they can work in these environments without lubrication; have good rigidity, coupled with low friction characteristics.

Some of our relevant application examples, case studies and videos

Automation of Guard Doors

Task T W Ward CNC Machinery Ltd (Ward CNC), A UK Distributor of overseas manufactured machine tools, needed to automate the opening and closing of large heavy... Read more

Transfer of Solar Tubes

Task Handling solar tubes requires careful handling and accurate positioning especially at high duty cycles and in an environment where lubrication needs to be kept to a... Read more

Architectural Guidance System

Function Moveable library-style shelving units slide from side to side to reveal and hide compartments that serve various functions in this Spanish apartment by Madrid-based PKMN Architectures. ... Read more


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