Multi-Head Drilling Machine

Task Design an automated multi-head drilling machine to drill 112 holes in aluminum sheets, 126 inches in length, that are used in the manufacturing of semi-tractor trailers. Currently CH...

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Adjustable Control Panels

Task A common problem with machine tool control panels is that the operator cannot see into certain areas of the machine with the controls at the same time, when...

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High Speed Tool Changer

Task As space within the machine was limited, this large German machine tool manufacturer needed to design a tool changing mechanism that would fit around an existing machine column. ...

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Cutting Aluminium Profile

Task Producing high quantities of aluminium profile cut to length requires an automated stop that would need to be accurately positioned at speed in order to ensure conformity of...

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Granite Cutting Application

Task Cutting large marble slabs while ensuring a precision smooth cut is a difficult task on its own, without the ongoing problem of airborne grinding dust that mixes with...

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Heavy Duty Cable Pulley System

Task A manufacturer of High Tech cables had a severe problem when changing bobbins for an important production machine. Because production cables broke regularly when changing bobbins...

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