Manual Component Drilling

The Application

Many manufacturing operations benefit from the introduction of simple fixtures that provide greater control over operations and provide measurable consistency. This application shows how a simple ring can be manually rotated to a position, then locked, enabling a drilling operation to take place.

Product Solution

Standard PRT2 rings lend themselves very favourably to this type of application where accurate control of rotation is required. Low friction by design and able to work in the presence of drill chips, it is a simple task to mount the components to a fixture on the ring.

Rings are available in single or double V edge format and in a solid ring disc form. The latter is particularly useful for direct fitting of components without the need for a separate fixture. Rings can also be drive with a rack and pinion.

If you need to rotate a product or fixture of any description, PRT2 rings are a low friction solution that will save you time and cost in the long run.

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