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As space within the machine was limited, this large German machine tool manufacturer needed to design a tool changing mechanism that would fit around an existing machine column.

A typical solution would often involve the incorporation of a large diameter bearing, but this would take up the space in the centre needed for the column. There were two other key issues to be resolved, indexing the ring with a suitable drive system and providing access for maintenance.


A standard HDRT ring with modified diameters to suit the space available. The vee bearings run on the ring internal vee and a timing belt form is produced integral to the ring outer diameter. This enabled the customer to fit the ring around the column and drive directly through the timing belt within the space available.

HDRT rings are low maintenance by design, lubricators will provide lubrication to the internal vee surface and the choice of a timing belt negates the need for lubrication externally.

 Scope of Supply

– HDR 1010 ring with AT10 timing belt form.

– BHJ95C and ENS bearings fitted on internal ring vee to provide guidance.

– Slide lubricators.


An easy to assemble, space saving, ring system that can be simply bolted to the machine frame providing smooth indexing with precision positioning of the tools. The solution is effectively no maintenance with only periodic checking of the lubricators required.


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