Cosmetic Pick and Place

The design engineer needed to find an effective and compact method to raise, lower, as well as guide a “bucket” full of product from one conveyor line to another.


Machine runs continuously, shuttling product from one conveyor to the ones above it. The bucket is raised and lowered through a synchronized toothed belt system attached to wheelplates on either side of the machine.

Scope of Supply

– 8 size W2SSX wheels and bushings.
– 2 M2ATPC-SS x 1550 mm track plates per system.


The designer used pre-mounted track plates, mounted parallel on either side of the machine frame coupled to his own four-wheel carriages. The custom designed carriages were made to do triple duty: to provide a platform for the “V” wheels and an anchor point for the toothed belt while also supporting the rotary actuators which rotate the “bucket”.

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