Bottle Indexing

The Application

PRT2 rings are used extensively to produce turntable movements for indexing parts for assembly or, in the case of this application, to fit caps to bottles.

This application requires the turntable to be indexed to an accurate position each time to enable the cap to be pressed in position. Such installations are required to work 24/7 with minimal maintenance.

Product Solution

A servo driven PRT2 single edge V ring with an integral gear, will provide the positional accuracy and speed of response to ensure high-speed throughput.

In this design, the driving pinion is positioned on the internal ring diameter rack, with V bearings positioned on the external diameter, ensuring control at the periphery of the ring.

Depending on the load and duty cycle of the application, up to 8 V bearings can be fitted around the ring (if space permits). In this example 4 bearings will provide the load capacity and life required. Low maintenance is assured by lubrication through lubricators direct to the V ring surface.

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