Adjustable Control Panels

HepcoMotion - Adjustable Control Panels

A common problem with machine tool control panels is that the operator cannot see into certain areas of the machine with the controls at the same time, when the panels are fixed.

PRT2 Curved Rail Segments

This Belgian automation builder thought that the best solution would be some form of XY system to move the panels in two directions. However, when Hepco engineers looked at the problem it was clear that a PRT2 segment allowing movement through an arc would be a far more effective solution.


Given the radius of curvature, it would have to be large enough to ensure when the panel is moved it would not clash with other areas of the machine. A size 76 section 799mm standard diameter ring segment was chosen with a 130 deg arc. Fitted with a standard fixed centre carriage the control panel was located to the carriage allowing the operator to move manually into the required position to provide visibility of the control panel and inside the machine.

HepcoMotion - Adjustable Control Panels

Scope of Supply

1x R76 – 799 -130 ring segment plus 1 x FCC76-799LBDR fixed centre carriage


Ring segments are a a popular solution either driven mechanically or manually for this type of application and are ideal where XY movement is required in a confined area. The ability to move the carriage through an arc saves on introducing two separate systems located to provide the XY movement.

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