Medical Sample Testing

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Medical Sample Testing

The Application

Medical sample testing machines are available in many designs from complete automated laboratories to medium volume XYZ equipment and small desktop systems. The common requirement with automated machinery of any type is that they require rapid indexing motion of the sampling probes in order to ensure efficient processing of the samples. Accuracy of position has to be taken for granted in the three axis movements XY and vertical Z, with the ability to operate with minimal maintenance for long periods.

Product Solution

Depending on the length of the XY span and Z axis payload, belt drive systems PDU2 or SBD provide ideal solutions.

For smaller machines, PDU2 is a lightweight, yet durable, no maintenance system using HepcoMotion’s Herculane rollers running on the inside of a precision aluminium extrusion. For longer and higher duty systems Hepco’s SBD units, available in three sizes, will offer the rigidity and positional accuracy for the sampling probes in continuous indexing conditions.

Similar electric belt drives can be used for the Z axis, but where greater vertical positioning is required, Ball Screw PSD80 or SDM units will meet the accuracy and duty needs with a consistent performance over long periods.


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