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HepcoMotion, part of the Hepco Group of companies is a world-leading manufacturer of linear motion systems and automation components. HepcoMotion has been leading the development of V Guide technology since 1969, and continues to develop innovative linear products that offer new solutions to design engineers.

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Our team of over 350 employees are experienced in the design and manufacture of linear products that will meet the requirements of your application. Our high tech facilities and equipment are operated by highly trained and focused individuals to ensure that our standards meet your expectations.

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Quality & Precision

Our products are designed to survive the toughest conditions, while providing exceptional and repeatable precision. We use the highest quality raw materials to ensure that our finished products sustain the demanding needs and expectations of our customers.

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We’re proud of our heritage in Innovation. We constantly develop linear solutions for tomorrow’s applications. Hepco is founded on the principle of invention and innovation and we continue to develop products with passion and focus.

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Hepco has a wide range of products to meet practically any requirement from linear to circular and heavy duty to XYZ systems.

We have over forty-two major product lines with thousands of individual components in various sizes that can be built to fit almost any requirement. HepcoMotion’s bespoke design service also means that when you stipulate your project needs, we can make sure our products match your specifications.


Our specialist applications teams provide attentive in field support focusing on your requirements.

We have dedicated sales engineers around the world who work closely with our customers making sure that every detail is considered for every project. Our internal sales teams are always on hand to assist with your orders and deliveries.

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Hepco first started exporting in 1975 and opened its first branch office, covering Benelux, in 1983. Today, a network of branch offices and highly trained, approved distributors covers most of the world – to find out more information see our Contact Us Page.

In addition to designing and manufacturing Linear Motion Systems, Hepco distributes for a number of companies involved in Linear Motion and mechanical components complementary to the Hepco range. This means that we can satisfy a diverse range of customer requests. Our aim is to offer integrated packages of components, which automation designers can specify with complete confidence in their quality, reliability and longevity.

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Hepco's History


The Beginning – Forster’s Packaging Machines - 1950

HepcoMotion - Forster Machine Company

Leslie Forster invents the Forster's Packaging Machine featuring the V guide system.


The Beginning of Hepco - 1969

Hepco is launched as a new company under the direction of Chairman, Gervase Forster to manufacture and sell the innovative V guide system. The company continues to design and manufacture packaging and special purpose machinery at its London factory.


Hepco Slide Systems Ltd - 1976

The company becomes Hepco Slide Systems Ltd focussing on the innovative V guide bearing.


Launch: Heavy Duty and Stainless Steel V Guides - 1977

HepcoMotion - Stainless Steel Slide System

Hepco starts exporting products overseas and launches Heavy Duty and Stainless Steel V guide bearings.


Anglo – American Partnership - 1980

Hepco Partners with BWC

Hepco partners with American bearing company Bishop Wisecarver Corporation.


Hepco expands into Europe - 1983

Hepco opens the first branch office covering The Nederlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.


Launch: Precision Ring and Tracks - 1985

HepcoMotion - Slide Rings

Hepco launches the Precision Ring and Tracks range.


Hepco Office in France - 1987

Hepco opens a branch office in France.


Braintree Precision Components - 1989

HepcoMotion - Opening of Braintree

Hepco launches its own bearing company, Braintree Precision Components, in Essex.

Relocation to Tiverton - 1989

Hepco begins to move to larger premises in Tiverton, Devon - with the move finally completed in 1991.


Hepco Office in Germany - 1991

Hepco opens its third European branch office in Germany.


Launch: Actuators - 1992

HepcoMotion - First Power Slide

Hepco launches its first actuator, the Hepco Powerslide.


Hepco Office in Spain - 1997

Hepco opens a branch office in Spain.


Launch: Hepco DTS - 1999

HepcoMotion - B DTS Belt Driven Track System

Hepco launches the innovative Driven Track System.


Hepco Expands into Korea - 2003

A new branch opens in Korea to supply Hepco products for the Asian market.

R&D Facilities Move to Tiverton - 2003

Hepco vacates the last of its London factories and moves the R&D facility to its headquarters in Tiverton, Devon.  Design and manufacture of special purpose machinery for third party companies ceases.  The immense experience and expertise is concentrated instead on R&D and in-house machinery requirements.


1-Trak - 2011

HepcoMotion - B 1-Trak Track System

Hepco introduces the innovative 1-Trak system, a track system manufactured in almost any conceivable 2d shape and from one single piece of material.


Gervase Forster Becomes President - 2013

Gervase Forster steps down as Chairman in favour of son Giles, and assumes position of President.

Giles Forster Becomes Chairman - 2013

HepcoMotion Chairman

Giles Forster becomes the 3rd generation of the Forster family to chair the Hepco Group of companies.


HepcoAutomation - 2015

Hepco launches automation company HepcoAutomation.

Hepco China - 2015

Hepco opens a sales office for the Chinese market.

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